Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Italy vs. Japan Live Stream Confederations Cup 2013

Italy vs. Japan Live Stream

Watch Italy vs. Japan Live Streaming

With a 3-0 defeat against Brazil, Japan is looking for another strategy in their game plan that can defeat mighty Italy. Japan players are also thinking about some new shots that can stop Buffon to prevent the shots. But, the performance of Japan in their last five matches look so poor and this is the perfect chance for Japan to get rid of that by defeating mighty Italy.

Mario Balotelli is now in full form and scored a goal against Mexico which is the core goals of that match. Balotelli is thinking about some new degrees of shots that can easily go through the goal net. Cesare Prandelli's squad's biggest performance has increased their level of confident and they can now beat any other team like Brazil and Spain.

Though Italy is much more favorite that Japan, but Japan wants this moment to do something magical that can take away the likes of Italy to Japan. Let's see what happens in that match that is going to be played from the stadium of Arena Pernambuco.

Here is the link To watch Italy vs. Japan Live Stream : HD TV1 Live Stream