Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brazil vs Mexico Live Stream 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup HDTV

Brazil vs Mexico Live Streaming

Watch Brazil vs Mexico Live Streaming

Five times FIFA World Cup champion, Brazil, has successfully passed their first match with a big win 3-0 against Japan. This time, Mexico is their opponent and they cannot miss the chance to defeat Mexico. Neymar, Oscar and Hulk are on full swing and they can manage well in any condition. in 2011 and 2012, Brazil and Mexico had played two matches with each other.

The result is drawn, I mean Brazil won one and Mexico won one. That means, both teams are super weight and this is really tough to defeat. The opening match of 2013 Confederations Cup has made Mexico unhappy as they have beaten up by Italy scoring 1-2. Mexico wants to get rid of this weird performance and want to get back their super performance.

In a prediction, Brazil has got 70% vote and Mexico got only 23%, and rest of the votes have gone for draw. It indicates that the likes of Brazil is much more that Mexico. That's is why, Mexican coach is thinking about a new formation plan that can beat Brazil and make their path clear to the semifinal.

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